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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Graham,

You can copy the words of a joke, by re-telling using the same words, what happens though if you don't get the joke because the humour is too subtle or leftfield? Stealing words - easy, stealing the humour - not so.

Personally I don't think that physics is going to explain the totallity of what is happening inside the mind/body of someone doing aikido.
Sure if you get the required funding and willing scientists to wire up the willing aikidoka, you will get readings that explain the body position and condition. Where the scientists will struggle is with the measuring/quantifying what is happening in the mind of both uke and nage. How Nage uses the mind to manipulate his/her own body and how the mind is used to create the connection to uke's mind/body.

When someone can measure that, then we might be able to have a fully objective debate. Until then it's all about more of what we have at the moment, which is a bit of a messy subjective minefield.


Hi Mark. Copying a joke and yet not understanding was precisely my point was it not?
Measure? It's not subjective at all. Why worry about scientists measuring? You measure all the time don't you? You can measure how comfortable you are at a certain move or technique and thus understand where you need more practice. You can measure how much focus you are applying, you can measure how well you kept center or not, you can measure what type of intention or feeling you were expressing.
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