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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Graham, the whole mind and body in harmony thing comes from the traditional observation about qi, jing, and shen (just like the Japanese "shin"... it's all borrowed from the Chinese). What they mean by "spirit" is not really at all like the "spirit" we use in "Holy Ghost" or something like that. It's more akin to "a fine, noble, spirit" in terms of alertness, focus, etc.

The pertinent saying about mind and body is basically that the desire to do something (this comes from the "heart") triggers the mind, the mind triggers the qi/ki, and the ki/qi triggers or leads the actual application of strength. This is "mind and body coordinated". It refers to a type of coordination in human movement.

O-Sensei understood this relationship because he was raised on reading the Chinese classics. The use of the mind to lead the qi to lead the strength is what he referred to in his douka as "the Divine Intent" or something like that. It appears that you are appending some different perspectives to the whole mind and body thing.


Mike Sigman
Thank you Mike. Nothing is borrowed, it is translated and understood. Spirit is indeed to do with alertness, focus etc. for they are all of the spirit obviousely. However I do append a perspective which may well be different to yours.
Simply put it's spirit leads mind and mind leads body. True
desire is of the spirit as is true purpose as is true intention.
True spirit is indeed noble, hence it is kind, compassionate, humble, loving, understanding, responsible, able, all noble qualities.
Losing these qualities you will be left with mind not in harmony with spirit and false understandings and thus motions opposed to true spirit. Thus no Aikido.
This is my view and my practice. Discipline in the practice of spirit, calming of mind, harmoniouse motion.
Regards. G.
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