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Re: Reasonable weight for suburito?

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Paul..go buy an 8-10 pound sledgehammer and 1 sledge hammer shaft from B&Q.

Training with a sledgehammer will build whole body power,especially hands, wrist,arms.

The hammer shaft by itself,doubles as a sword and jo as you can butt stroke with it aswell as stab or chop.

By design it is superior to a jo or wooden boken,cheap and virtually
Um... I'm a bit baffled by this discussion. In my twenties, I regularly used a 8-lb sledgehammer as a carpenter so I have quite a bit experience swinging one around.

How would such an exercise be done? Do you swing it in a sword motion but really slowly? Anything marginally fast would have to end with the hammer hitting the ground.

Amusingly, when actually using a sledgehammer purposely, the only muscle power I use is the raising it up. Then I just let it fall - maybe dropping my weight for an extra bit of momentum...

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