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Re: Tracking your training hours

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
It's nothing sinister Ashley, it's a useful, free site developed by a martial artist (and instructor) who also happens to be a top notch developer and a friend of mine.
I'm familiar with the program. You mentioned it in the past and I went and checked it out. To be honest, I haven't went back one time since then. Too much prepping to do before you even use it. Pen and paper seems to suit my needs best at this point. Not to say that the program wouldn't work for others though.

The only way I could see that program being used in a dojo is have a laptop up front for people to use when they come in, which would be a bit of a pain I think. I guess you could also transfer hours written on paper to the program, but then you are just doing the same work twice.

Like everything else in this world, no one thing works for everyone. I am glad it is a viable option out there for those who are looking for something like that though.

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