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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

That is a typical benefit to being connected- softness that is independent of the connection point. A deeper skill is to create kuzushi on contact and maintain it while you walk freely and fluidly in any direction. This can be very disconcerting to MAers who think "they got the stuff."
Harder still is being able to create kuzushi and "change" at speed with guys who know how to fight. Its not as dramatic or even visible, but they end up constantly " behind" or open and cannot feel thigs coming at them.

There are a lot of phenomena associated with IP/aiki. Not everyone stresses the same thing. One example might be bouncing someone out- pretty stupid or dangerous in certain venues...and yet not only welcomed but even sought after in others. I have seen certain professionals view it and say...why would I ever.....
I think its great that people are learning some things in IP/ aiki that they can incorporate into their aikido..I just haven't seen anyone yet that is really developed in that are. That said, at the rate some teachers are going in devoting themselves to a bipartison and dedicated work ethic....there is going to be a lot...and I mean years...of catching up to both juniors and seniors in the art.
I am convinced that years from now people are going to be looking back at all of this dialogue and laughing...more or less saying .." Can you imagine that so many in Aikido argued AGAINST this?"

My hats off to Ikeda..but there are others already that he can't handle....and it's only going to make all parties improve even faster.
These are good times and guys like him...with his student mind...I suspect will always be at the forefront of forging ahead.
All the best

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