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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

some more on the "center to center connection" which is the result of Unity. i have seen explanation on "center to center connection" in which nage turned his/her/its body to line up his/her/its body's center line to uke's body center line. got news for you if you are doing that sort of thing. that's not "center to center connection". that is "lining up center line to center line".

you can have C2CC (tired of typing the whole thing) where nage's center line point in a different direction from uke's center line. and yet, still have Unity. this is for folks who think that one should line up the body structure in order to have C2CC. it helped, but not a requirement. structure isn't kokyu. i have seen Ikeda sensei in a ridiculous compromise positions (not the karma sutra kind. get your head out of the gutter. you people are sicked to even think of such thing! of course, now you have a different image in your head. ). yet, while in such position, he still could demonstrate C2CC and affected uke's balance. the C2CC is internal kind of linkage. we are talking about internal skills, right.