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Re: New dojo/new student

I'm a Nidan in Aikido. I'm the one that usually has to show the newbie's the ropes so to speak. I've found that they can get bored and lose their interest really quickly (especially when they are young) so the first thing I do is show them how certain locks feel when applied correctly. I'm sensitive now to know how much pressure/torque to apply to get their attention but not make them scared. This usually perks their interest and shows them that these techniques are real. I then allow them to feel how little movement it takes to go from "I kind of feel it" to "Oh $hit". As we all know, it doesn't take much. This will (hopefully) instill the idea of control. After that I then go into the basics: movements, stances, strikes, ukeme, etc.

I wish you success and may you help shape the next generation of Aikidoka!

One last thing, I like to tell them stories of how I survived a couple dirt bike accidents with barely a scratch thanks to my ukeme skills. On one of these occasions I flew about 25 feet and laded on my back (ushiro sutemi). It happened in slow motion and I remained calm and relaxed and after-wards it gave me a giddy feeling.

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