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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Peter is being modest and humble in light of his proven potential and unsurpassed execution of insightful writing based on exhaustive and scholarly research into the history of the Founder. The many fans of his priceless Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation series unconditionally attest to his value to the Aikido traditions, and to the Founder’s true legacy.

Yes, his two years in Boston appear paltry in comparison to others’ longevity here in America, but not so. The real impact of his insightful review of the giants he has known, without being indiscreet or revealing of private confidences, would be immeasurable. First hand accounts and memories of figures such as the late and current Doshus, Senseis Tada, Fujita, Ichihashi, Tamura, Chiba, Yamada, Kanai and more would incalculably enhance our appreciation for and understanding of these representatives of the Founder’s art and vision.

I mentioned Peter’s name, along with those of Stan Pranin and Clark Bateman, as probable candidates to review the contributions, not only of the American legends, but of those in the Continent and Japan as well. If he would be willing, along with others aptly talented, what a magnificent gift and tribute it would be for us to treasure indefinitely.

So, thank you, Peter Goldsbury, for your past contributions and magnificent story telling. If you would, please continue to favor us with your kind and gracious ability for telling it like it really was.
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