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Keith Larman
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Re: Tracking your training hours


No doubt it is cool and it is great that he has put it out there. It is one way of dealing with a record keeping task that isn't really that complicated. At our location we have classes daily with multiple instructors. Lots of students. Those instructors vary from technologically wired up the wazoo to a few where getting them to use a cell phone is difficult let alone e-mail. The dojo as a group is 40 years old and we simply have a grid that is printed out with all the active students monthly, new students written in on the bottom. Instructors note who came in to class on a page in a book. One page per day. They note the hours on a the separate grid. At the end of the month one fella in the dojo (an accountant actually) tabs them in excel (or whatever, I don't know), updates the grid with new students, then prints the next month sheet.

The point here is that the "training" for those entering information (all the instructors, assistants, etc.) is simply this. Write down their names (good to help you learn to remember them, especially with new students) then jot down the number of hours. Done. No start up the computer, log in, etc. Just write it down and you're done.

Someone does tabulate at the end of the month for record keeping, hours for testing, etc. But... The guy who does it says it takes him a grand total of 15 minutes or so.

So no computer in the dojo. No internet connection. Just paper and pencils.

All that said, I'm as much a geek as the next guy. Love the toys. And as I said, I am considering writing myself an app for no reason whatsoever other than to do it. I have no more tests to take; no reason to track my hours other than "is he putting in enough training himself". Just out of pure nerdishness.

But again... Love the guy's site. Very nice. If I were starting a dojo today myself I'd probably use it and send the guy a donation.

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