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Re: Tracking your training hours

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Although I am a tech savvy person, some things I prefer to have on pen and paper. I see nothing wrong with this method. I do have a question for Jason though.... why are you pushing this online thing you use so hard? Just curious.... (Mary, that smiley was for you... hehe)
It's nothing sinister Ashley, it's a useful, free site developed by a martial artist (and instructor) who also happens to be a top notch developer and a friend of mine. I see the value in what the site does. It's easy to use, offers a wealth of potential information to students (and instructors) and beyond a few hours of setup requires no more effort than is involved if someone is already taking the time to track attendance, hours, schedule, etc on paper. If people are happy doing things all on paper, that's fine. I just find it contrary to everything that's happened in the world in the last 15 years or so, but ymmv.
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