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Re: tracking your training hours

1. accessible by both teachers and students, so students can check their own hours, review a previous class lesson (what was it we worked on the other night), etc.

Is it really necessary? If a student wants to know his/her hours it is simple to look up. If they are that interested in how many hours they have they should track them on their own. I do this and encourage my students to do the same.

2. calculates hours for you

When I tally the hours at the end of the month I enter them into the appropriate column in an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet calculates them for me.

3. allows you to present other information to dojo members (organizational forms, testing requirements, handbook, whatever).

I have a website and most of the information you mention here is on that website. I give each student a handbook upon their signup. It is their responsiblity to keep it safe and use it as a reference. I still have students ask questions that are in their handbook and I will at times refer them to their handbook, I can't remember everything. I don't know what organization forms a student would need, except upon sign up and those again are on the website.

4. calendar of dojo events

Again, on the website and in the monthly newsletter I send out.

5. contact a teacher, make a class request, etc

This is what my e-mail and telephone is for and they can always ask during class.

6. sign up for special classes so that a teacher knows who plans to attend.

I can see where knowing who will be there for a special class is important or for an event or demonstration but a sign-up sheet in class would IMO be better because if they can't make it to regular class to sign up the odds that they will make it to another event isn't that great. And if it is a demonstration, shouldn't they be in class regular if they want to participate in a demonstration.

information technology has fairly well proven that it's better than paper for most anything that you want to keep track of.

LOL really? I don't know about that. I think technology has made us lazy and stupid. This may not always be the case but how many people can use a card catalouge to find a book in the library now? Better, I don't know.

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