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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

I watched video of Ikeda Sensei tonight and spent all of the two hour class working on Internal aspects, Now, this is common in our class, but tonight (as a beginner on this stuff) I I had a *click* moment watching Sensei demonstrate something very simple.
As Phi has said, connect, unity, movement of inside,,,,,I was ALWAYS just trying, untill Ikeda Sensei said at seminar, to just connect center/center... he pointed out that he was connecting at various times with ukes shoulder, or elbow, or hip etc.
When you use the balanced/integrated structure, you connect to any point and change your focus to another through the ukes center....

Phi said it before I did, but I said before, that the description is EXACTLY what Sensei said it was.
at least as far as my (very very limited) grasp of it all goes.

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