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Re: Reasonable weight for suburito?

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
(Heavier suburitos) These are good for form and correctness and why I continue to use my bokken as opposed to the newer swords that resemble a chopstick.
I think this is where internet conversation breaks down. What you just said *sounds* generally right, but from experience I tend to wait and see since the vast majority of people who say they're doing tanren of some sort appear to be mostly arms when I get a chance to see in person. Not to judge or imply anything; only saying that IME this is something to watch out for. Keith made a good comment about taking out the slack... how people take out the slack, etc., is important here.
Much like splitting wood; swinging an axe and splitting wood are similar, but different. Swing an axe does not require precision, splitting wood does. If you have ever seen someone splitting wood and poorly position the cut stroke you know what I am talking about; there are many injuries related to poor axe cuts that deflect from the target and bounce into the leg.
I've seen a good axeman cut a number of paper-thin shavings off the end of a green log, but I've never seen a western sword-enthusiast do the same thing.


Mike Sigman
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