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Re: Legacy and the Founder

I hope Saotome Sensei's students will continue to post in this column's replies but in the interest of drawing in some of the others that Francis has mentioned I will mention a few.

First the Hawaiians, of which Francis is one and could tell us much more of the names he has mentioned. The first president of the United States Aikido Federation was a Hawaiian, if I remember correctly. Yamada Sensei mentioned he himself likes to sing, and while he mentioned Sinatra in an editorial, I also remember him singing a few songs which I later found out were from the famous Don Ho, I think the name was.

I just feel I should mention a few more names to get more people posting who might be wondering if they have something to add.
Francis mentioned the early students who left. I know there are
Yoshinkan students here in the US and on Aiki Web, but many of us have been curious about Tomiki Sensei, especially those who have studied judo in the past or are studying at present. One of the British students of the Tomiki branch might be willing to add thoughts and impressions....

My question, Francis is this, what format do you think these memories should take? Should we mention more names, contribute more actual stories of training. I notice you take active part in your column's replies and it is a great help. I want to make sure I pick up on your cues.

thanks for your help so far I look forward to your guidance on what my further contribution to these topics could be.

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