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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: Jo Dori Clip

I am not sure about the weapon thing,

The idea that you shouldn;t give the weapon back to the attacker, while valid is kinda misplaced here since it is not a real situation and besides throwing the weapon down is giving it back to the attacker. sounds a little like some one trying to qualify what they are doing but saying their training is more real. in the very unlikey event that someone attcked me with a jo (maybe pool cue, could happen i guess) and i got it off him. i would be using the weapon on the other guy, or just taking it away with me, throwing it anywhere even behind, means i have lost control of it, and is inviting anyone to pick it up agian

There did seem to be alot of attitude in the nage when he threw the weapon down, I am not sure of that is for the crowds sake or not

above all of this there just didn't seem to be alot of blending with the attck in the clips, the nage grabbed the weapon and then stopped, this kida made a lot of the rest of the technique look forced
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