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Re: Tracking your training hours

Got thinking I might write one for the android platform. Something quick and dirty.

I like the app for the ipod called aikido diary. I think you are onto a good thing cause I have an adroid phone.

The one for the ipod lets you set the date. you can also enter multiple senseis , multiple dojos, and write your own comments.
it also has a techniques button so that you can select the techniques you worked on.

when you open the app it has a monthly list of saved entries. you can see old ones or create a new one. Just select the date, the dojo, the sensei and times.

this app is very similar to what you are describing.
I wish it came with a database about testing requirements or descriptions of techniques etc. Would also be helpful if you could color code the entries so that for instance if you go to one dojo it can be marked purple and a second dojo marked blue. If also you could look at the entries in calendar view and put in upcoming events like seminars.
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