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Bruce Baker
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Reality ... been there

I am going to ask as nice as I can Ms Colleen Annes, please do not assume you know anything about Bruce Baker. If you need to attend a pressure point seminar to gain education, then do so. I am considering sending you the funds to do so, so that you may attain a broader view of what is happening in the real MA world.

That said ... yes I have attacked by people with knives. I wasn't doing anything other than walking down the street, or through the park, in the middle of the day, and some crazed idiot figures it is easier to stab than to work for a living. So I have been in this situation ... before I studied martial arts.

It can be both frightening, angering, and a place you don't want to be in.

Would I have killed my attacker if they were uncontolable and set on my death ... maybe. It depends on how serious I can injure them to prevent them from killing me.

Rule number one: protect your life.

All martail arts stress rule number one, but then we go into the consequensces of our actions in lesson number two ... don't we?

Hopefully ... our minds will be clear, our reflexes will be adequete, and we will not be too injured by attackers or kill them.

There is the possibility of killing people by accident everyday, but our peaceful lifestyles don't always make room for those who would kill us ... for fun. (yeah, there are people out there who would kill you for laughs, believe it.)

Hell, doctors kill patients by accident every day. How hard can it be to kill someone if you knew what you were doing?

I don't like to think like this, but I do understand the trap that happens when you get caught in the "death loop."

Try not to kill anybody. Don't think about trying to kill anybody. If you do happen to have to seriously injure someone to protect your life, hopefully you will have the skills NOT to kill anyone.

I think practicing Aikido helps.

Maybe even Ms. Collen Annes will attend a few classes to understand why all martial arts are based on human pressure points for their techniques. (Soon, we will be showing more of them in Aikido, too.)
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