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Bruce Baker
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This is the process of thinking without thinking.

Consider how much memory you use in your computer for any given funtion? 10 percent? Maybe as much as 20 percent? What happens when you get a program that takes up all the memory? Either Freeze, or Crash ... right?

It is said that every moment of your life is stored in your brain, but not all of it is accessable, or properly stored. What about the body functions that keep your body alive, how memory do you need for that?

This 10 percent thing is just a sales come on to maximum memory in use any one time.

As far a the usefullness in training, try to remember the best of what works, let the brain adjust with as little prodding, hints, and pain as possible.

I sure don't want the fear factor of pain from a broken nose, or other inductions from pain from missed catches affecting my ablility to catch a ball, divert a punch, or keep pain to minimum.

Let your practice be remembered as the best of what you do, so your natural talent to improve become cognizant with pleasure, not pain.

I sure there is room for storing some good training in the old noggin before it gets filled up, and you have to erase something to make room for more.

Now that is a feature I would like to improve, the erase feature. Any ideas?
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