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Re: Atlanta Mike Sigman Seminar

I thought this was the best seminar I've attended. I picked up some training tips that will increase my power output, and I got a clearer idea of what the "suit" is (and it is definitely not how some other people are using the term.)

Mike was in a generous mood this weekend and demonstrated quite a few power releases that shook the foundation of the building. I was at the other end of the building and could still feel the vibrations. I have not seen that at other peoples' seminar. To be fair, I asked Mike if I can replicate a hip push demo from a seminar I attended in Santa Ana. The result was conclusive for me- Mike took my balance and decisively bounced me backward. There was no resort to techniques like a leg sweep or discussion about my lower center of gravity (I'm short). This satisfied my curiosity about the lower center of gravity issue that various people have brought up as a natural advantage for short people.

I have to admit Mark Murray is right -- not everyone's "aiki" is the same.

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