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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

helloooooo *echo echo echo*......

was hoping someone else besides me discussing the technical stuffs. ok, so moving on to the Unity part. and it isn't about getting together and singing kumbaya.

Unity, or become one. once you have "connected" with uke, you can start focus on being "sticky" like glue to the other person. however, unlike the normal stickiness, you are the control portion of the stickiness. Bud mentioned the 4-legged animal. essentially, you and uke are now a 4-legged animal (could be a cow or a donkey where i would be the front end and the rest of you folks can be the other end, and you know who you are. ) . so, if you view the arms are now the spine of such animal, all the force and sensitivity traverse through the spine. the difficult here is nage has to be soft and sensitive enough to detect changes in uke physical body. this allows nage to be able to send energy into specifics area of uke body similar to being able to send impulse to your own legs to move. Ikeda sensei could demonstrate on which part of uke's body he could send his energy to. this is a characteristic, actually basic requirement, of Unity. you heard folks mentioned "center to center" connection. for years i paid lips service on "center to center connection", because i couldn't really feel it. ask yourself this question, can i feel my uke's shoulders, hips, legs, and so on through the arm connection? if you can't, then you don't have it. one way to test, is having uke tensing various parts of his/her/it body and see if you can feel it.

end my thought on Unity (methink). you IS blokes out there should jump in and help me out here. otherwise, i have to hunt you down and start to take name and kick ass. although, i have not really understood the part about taking names. the part about kick ass, i got.