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Re: Legacy and the Founder

I arrived in 1967. I knew O Sensei in the last years of his life. In 1970 I became a deshi of Hikitsuchi Sensei at Shingu. Between 1969 and 1972 I belonged to a small group studying with Saotome Sensei in Tokyo. Because at that time he was the only one prepared to talk at all about his experiences with O Sensei. For two or three years after O Sensei's death it was considered inappropriate, out of respect for his son, to speak about him at all. To my knowledge Saotome Sensei was the only of the group of teachers in Tokyo who didn't mind talking about him. So we made a small group to talk about him and to train as well. This group was made up exclusively of foreigners and that's why Saotome Sensei decided to go to the USA. He thought people there would be more open to his teaching.
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