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Re: Announced Vs. Unannounced Testing

I have severe stage fright. I would really appreciate at least a one hour notice before a test and having to perform in front of a group of people who are all focusing just on me. If I had an hour to prepare my mind and splash water on my face and breathe etc I think i would do ok. But to spring it on me on the spot I would just die. So I sincerely hope that for my first test that I have a little bit of notice. On the other hand if I knew too far in advance the anticipation would kill me. So I just hope they set a date and say make sure you show up. especially since I will be testing in front of people I have only met once. I certainly do not want to make the people I train with look bad. HA. I am going to try to attend the dojo I will test at , at least once a month.
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