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Marc Abrams
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Re: 078) The Teacher: February 2011

The last thing that I want are the wrong inferences being directed to the wrong person. I want to state on the record that Dan is someone whom I consider a worthy teacher. Dan's zeal for learning and his dedication to his students sets a high bar for people like myself to aspire to. I absolutely love the time that I spend training under Dan and speaking to him. He is an honest, supportive and caring person. Dan is both a student and teacher. Dan's support for our Aikido community speaks for itself.

Dan's point about knowing when to leave a teacher is relevant. Not everything that starts off well, ends well.... Ushiro Sensei made a profound statement when he said that you are better off spending three years looking for a good teacher, than spending three years training under just any teacher. The role of a teacher is so important that I felt the need to write this blog. Students should be able to look at their teachers with a critical eye, as teacher look at their students with a critical eye. This scrutiny is to help insure that we build strong teacher-student relationships to insure that we can pass along arts and traditions that we should be proud to represent.

Marc Abrams

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