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Re: 078) The Teacher: February 2011

For the moment I think I am going to say Bravo!
You know I support you and think the world of your efforts, I get concerned when it appears I am being lumped in with certain other questionable characters. Perception is everything and there is not one thing in your post I disagree with, For that reason alone, I want to clarify that it doesn't apply to me. I know Marc did not include me in his post, we talked about it before hand.

For starters no man alive,on this earth has ever heard me call my self an "expert," and has only heard me tell teachers "I don't teach, making this stuff work in your art is your job!!" Then seeing me bow at teachers feet even when they are coming to learn from me. Then seeing the kind of support I offer them later. (more on that later).

Excellent points overall. A few points you missed.
Teachers and when it is wise-even admirable to leave.
1. Having a relationship with the teacher needs to be considered both ways. Don't have blinders on from your good efforts and then assume that all teachers have the vested interest of the students in mind. IOW, breaking from a teacher sometimes speaks volumes of the good character of a student and not the other way around. A mutual friend said leaving a particular organization was the smartest thing I ever did, they are so _____ up. I like to think my tolerance for some of the things I saw (even though I benefited) and my depature on good terms worked in my favour and preserved my good name as I didn't cause trouble even when wronged. That said, leaving with the knowledge gained over many years is no violation to anyone is it?

2. I would add to your point about looking for a teacher or a coach-lets say these "experts" you are on about. Do they have, and have they maintained any sort of long term relationship with students?
I have students going back 17 years. Some people do not consider the weight and meaning behind that statement. Who has stayed awake thinking of ways to fix a students problems who may be a putz and going nuts trying to fix it? What are the requirements to sustain that relationship. What strengths does it offer and build in each?

3. Since everyone knows who you are referring to I just wanted to be frank and point out that; Ark, and I have maintained a student base and have maintained relationships with teachers benefited students alike.I see nothing but support being offered.

So, Adding to your points...
4. Who among these "experts" is cultivating and truly helping teachers in others arts in a friendly and open manner repeat...WITHOUT causing them harm, to include doing free seminars as fund raisers and setting aside teaching time for free?
Any takers?

5. Who among these experts large public settings explaining to people the restrictions of a Koryu the oaths involved and the honor of keeping information given under oath/ Who among these experts is explaining that it contrary to what certain characters will tell you it is NOT about pecking order and cults
Who is cautioning people in a public setting that when they hear certain characters cutting that up and making fun of these things, that those same characters are actually asking these good men to break their word, and if they don't they are made fun of.
I am asking you a direct question. Who among these "experts" is doing that in an open room? We both knew the answer to that don't we?

Good Budo is done behind the scenes, I would hope you check in with certain people I have been working with before replying. I think my good work is deserving of that consideration. If not I think I can ask quite a few teachers to offer their opinion here.
All the best

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