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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
I respect the position of those that may want to use this forum for their 'how to' stuff - so how about if Jun just creates another section in the forum strictly for that - those that want to exchange detailed 'how to' stuff can, and those that do not, can just stay out of that section and reserve their opinions for threads in the forum's other sections.

Good overall post, Greg, although I don't know if yet another section of the AW forum is necessary. I usually look to the "Training" and "Techniques" sections for "technical" discussions. Assuming that the, or at least a, primary goal of posts on AW regarding internal skills is how IS principles and exercises can be applied to aikido, then the exchange of detailed "how to" material could logically be placed there, or in the "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" page as a specifically "technical" thread, so indicated in the initial post.

What ruins the "technical" discussions are the personal snipings and not-so-hidden agendas. Apparently even the tightly-controlled QiJin forum is not immune to this aspect of human nature.

I think it's a lot to ask of Jun to moderate every aspect of what are supposed to be discussions among adults with ostensibly common interests and training goals. I for one appreciate him making this forum available, and have learned a lot from what the aikido community shares. It's really up to each of us individually to police our own posts and refrain from diatribe, subtle or overt, where none is called for.