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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
What exactly is going on in the AW community? I see very little technical discussion.
One the more fascinating attributes of people is that one person is never the same as another - you can always be guaranteed someone just will not see everything as you do. This of course can make for some good conversations as long as both sides understand that and respect the other person's position. However, another attribute of people is that most do want others to see as they do and in some cases will insist that they do - IMO, one of the major reasons there is war.

So, my opinion is that internet forums are probably the worst medium to use for a serious 'how to' presentation/discussion associated with the physical and mental interactions of two people that occur in the MA, and this goes beyond the IS stuff. IMO, these forums are an excellent place to present opinions and ideas that can be shared with others or debated in a civil manner. If someone does not agree with that , fine - they should just keep the subtle, and not so subtle, cheap shots to themselves - we all have a right to our opinions and that should be respected.

With all that said, I respect the position of those that may want to use this forum for their 'how to' stuff - so how about if Jun just creates another section in the forum strictly for that - those that want to exchange detailed 'how to' stuff can, and those that do not, can just stay out of that section and reserve their opinions for threads in the forum's other sections.