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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Sounds like but it isn't.
I'm not a scientist, rather an engineer, so lab work for discovering new things and recreating them is outside my area of expertise. My fiancee is a Ph.D scientist specializing in biochemistry and it sounds like what my fiancee has done in the lab to me.

I don't deny Akuzawa or any other skilled IS/IP can do unusual things. But that doesn't solve what IS/IP is and how operates.
I would agree. We do however know what it is not:

It is not focusing on chaining together groups of muscles.

It is not focusing on hypnosis or suggestion, though expressing it can confuse/trick people due to lack of familarity.

It does not rely on using the arms/shoulders as a means of generating power.

What we can figure out from watching video is:

Motion tends to start in the middle of the body and propegate out, rather than starting at the leg and passing through the body out to a limb.

Power can be generated from compromised positions, so it doesn't soley require good alignment to generate power. Rotation isn't required.

People who feel IS practioners while they are doing their demonstrations report that they don't feel muscles tensing during the demonstrations. The practioners appear very relaxed.

People touching the IS person seem to loose their balance very easily.

Now this of course doesn't answer what exactly it is either. Analyising enough video, we could probably come up with a list of attributes which most might agree on in terms of what the effects of using it are, but still not have an idea how it is created within the body.


you can check out this video with a couple more demos here

See if you can do what he is doing without your partner regarding weight transfer, plus pinky wrestling (at 4:27) is always fun too Cordelli's comments are interesting at 5:25. I have never felt the final demo, so I have no clue how that one works.
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