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Stephen Fasen
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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Can't even come close to expressing how "the best" it was.

Perhaps not. Maybe words are inadequate. Perhaps the complexity of the Japanese concept of Kokoro and Giri is an illuminating analogy which in a way shows the ineffectiveness of our own words to explain the full weight of what fills our hearts in respect to this art of ours. I have not met many however, who try as diligently as you. I do know that you attempt to express that feeling, the magnitude of the experience, for all you train with every time you step on the floor. Your articulation is a gift to us all, even if we occasionally get to pay for it. You inspire, as Sensei does. You carry his growing legacy as very few can and then some. I will publicly declare without any reservation that the future of aikido in the hands of men like you and Francis is well guarded. You are a champions of the way, and your way grows constantly.
Thank you for the glimpse into a personal history.
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