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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I've done this twice in my life, I'm not at good at is as Ark. Why does the weight make the IP not work as well? What are the limits on IP? Why do those limits exist?
Chris, I was merely saying that if you wanted to recreate the parameters, you'd have to match the ratio of weight as well. It's kinda like I sent someone to the gym on a powerlifting routine, extolled on the virtues of increased strength and what not, and they pick up a 10lb barbell, say "see I can do that too? so what possible benefit could it be to me to do this?"

IP is still strength + skill, just strength of a different kind. It uses the muscles, fascia and what have you, but with some tweaks that take some proprioceptive coaching.
IE there are still going to be physical limits imposed by how big a person's body is, their base strength capabilities etc. Put another way, all things being equal in IS/IP, Person A (let's say who weighs 200lb) would have an advantage over Person B (this is just physics). But if Person B has IP/IS and Person A doesn't, then it (not will absolutely) gives Person B a strength/skill advantage that CAN (notice I didn't say "will") tip the scales in Person B's favor.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Okay, but then can you describe to me, why doing it the way Ark does is better, physically, having more applicability than what I did? Why would doing it differently be better than what I did?
Well, done correctly it improves balance from odd angles, has applicability towards kicks, strikes and what not.
The whole "push down into the supporting leg to cause the other leg to rise" is a skill you'd use for throwing, the use of the core when bringing the leg down has multiple applications in enhancing the power of strikes from odd angles etc etc.

The way you're doing it now is simply an exercise in balance, strength and structure (not bad attributes to develop anyways).

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Hmm, I can do it other ways, but let's let that go for a second. Why would "popping" someone up be better than "blasting" them back? What is more applicable about "popping" than "blasting".
You lose control over a guy, and if said opponent weighs as much or more than you, those kind of tricks tend to fall flat on their face. Its better to retain control of the person's balance. In the event that you mess up, you at least won't have dug your own ditch to hurl yourself into
AFWIW, you should probably be able to blast the guy you were working with way more, given the strength differences between you two. There's a couple simple mechanics you could add (if someone showed you how to do so) that could increase your power pretty easily in about 6 months of training or so.
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