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Diana Frese
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Re: Legacy and the Founder

Thank you so much, Francis. I am still studying your column and the responses of the others, and I will answer your question the best way I can a bit later, but for now, I will pick the word pioneers and open up a small window into the past. Yamada sensei traveling by bus all over the Eastern Seaboard. He may have flown sometimes, but he rode the bus a lot, as a standee sometimes.

About Kanai Sensei, I read and re read the beautiful tributes his students wrote and there is other historical information around, regarding his early days in Cambridge. Similar to my memories that Yamada Sensei took buses a lot, I read that Kanai Sensei ate a lot of potatoes (rather than other, more expensive things)

These are small details, but I think they show so much about the character of these people. Others, who came over later from Japan also faced hardships of their own....

But for now, I'd like to mention Mary Heiney (not sure of the spelling) one of the pioneer Americans, whom I met in Sacramento at a seminar years ago. She studied with Hikitsuchi Sensei and Arikawa Sensei many years ago and is still teaching as you know. One of my former students has taken classes with her and recommends her warmly. Shindai Dojo in Orlando has written beautiful reports of her seminars.

I'll be back to read and maybe share a few more memories, but for now I've given two resources Mary, and the New England Aikikai articles for the further investigation of readers who share your feelings.

Thanks again for your kind words
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