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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Ki is s term, like any other. You can use other terminology to describe the same thing... Personally, I don't think use of other terminology makes it any more clear. You still have to teach people what any term means in the context of our "aiki" work. The reason the term "ki" has been so misused is that people read and heard the term but didn't really understand any more than the simplest rudiments of what it meant. So it became a term associated with New Age, wishful thinking Aikido. That wasn't the fault of the term itself but of the practitioners who didn't understand what the term really meant.
I was aware back in the 1970's when Saotome came to the U.S. outside of permission from Yamada that Saotome had been known to give "ki" exercises at Hombu Dojo. Hence I went and attended a few classes when I could at the Sarasota dojo. I think there are a number of misunderstandings that are slowly being put aright at the moment, so it's encouraging.

2 cents.

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