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Stephen Fasen
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Re: East Coast Aikido Bridge: 3/11-3/13/2011, Orlando FL

The extraordinary cadre of senior aikido instructors that are a part of this event constitute one of those rare confluences of best effort and and extreme good fortune. These people are truly remarkable in contemporary Aikido. Their generosity is humbling. To the last one they bring great skill, an extensive experience base, deep commitment to their art, great personal creativity, and a willingness to share of themselves. These premier instructors do so without any expectation of reward other than the feedback of the participants and their mutual exchange. This is a learning opportunity that will not find an equal. This is the spirit that will build O'Sensei's bridge.
I am overwhelmed and greatly honored to be a small part of this event, in that I get to interact with these wonderful martial artists. I do have one great regret however, and that is knowing that our mentor and great friend Francis Takahashi Sensei will not be able to join us this year. His voice will be missed. His deep love for the art, his great concern for its integrity, and his immense Aiki spirit will be missed as a tangible aspect.
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