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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
You, yet again, bring up personalities in that you've seen nothing that can be used except people only discussing conformity and approval of authority. You've set yourself up as an authority to know all this, yet you have not truly contributed to this thread, either. Do you actually have something that you *want* to share? I bold "want" because I *know* that you do have the skills and abilities to actively contribute a lot of very good information. Instead, you sit back, poke people with subtle and not-so subtle jabs, and wait for people to post information.

Asking for information is fine, but how about actually contributing *your* truthful, factual, and detailed breakdown of Ikeda sensei's demos of ki and letting people start their conversations from there? Your words, "If anyone is interested in dissecting various demonstrations until the principle is very clear". As someone who has set himself up as a person who can determine good, bad, fact, assumption, etc in the world of internal skills, how about leading the way?
Mark, have you really read the early part of this thread? Why don't you try to one-up the details that I gave instead of taking shots? Let's see if you can add anything.

Mike Sigman