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Re: 5th kyu shihans

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I was trying to make a couple of subtle points.....FIrst, that the verbose nature of some folks is not limited to their rank...Secondly, after practicing for 20 plus years I would rather feel what is happening and try to pick it up rather than have it explained. I will ask if confused.

Sometimes talking too much is a passive/aggressive thing about asserting control.
I know that in the ASU, where there are no rank restrictions on hakamas, the explainers sometimes embarass themselves. Sometimes you can't see your training partner's belt under the hakama.

I am told one of my training partners (a 4th kyu) once went to a seminar and repeatedly, patiently talked his partner through a technique he seemed to be having trouble with. It turned out his partner was a yudansha who was slowing down to work out a particular difference between his technique and the sensei's, and was quite offended.

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