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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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Proving the point I was about to make. If you already have some idea what Ikeda Sensei is talking about, his explanation gives you something to work with. If you don't, I think it's likely to go sailing right over your head.

Arguably, the primary role of someone in his position should be to teach the teachers anyway, who will then go back and teach their own students. The extent to which that is actually happening is a topic for another thread.

I actually have an idea of what he says ( I even have held his hand) and I can work with it. Likewise I know Phi has had face to face and can grasp the demo. It is a simple demo; It is not supposed to be only for the illuminated; If you grab sensei you get to feel in addition to listen.

Points- Uke provides a steady push in the direction of the "attack" , for Nage to work on

- Nage allows that force into him, straight to the ground. No pushing back required if force is incoming

- Nage can "resolve" the sum of vectors in such a way that the resulting force vector is towards an imbalance point in Uke.

- The change of vectors of force does not require moving nage's limbs or stance, the change is of alignment in your body, through very small but widespread re-setting of your sails (to throw in more metaphors ), this does not involve tensing big muscles, it uses Nages body held together by tissue and even breathing affects the paths which force goes through Nage...

- There is no gotcha thing going on here;

Ikeda sensei has said repeatedly that being a teacher does not mean you know this; and in this respect (basic movement principles) beginners and teachers are in the same boat. Don't save it for later; all it means is you start later.

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