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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Mike, I think you've misunderstood what Lynne Sensei was saying.
It's not a matter of 'not wanting others to know' or keeping things secret and for the selected few, it's a matter of is this person receptive to what I have to say or even able to be open minded enough to at least acknowledge it even if they disagree.
This thread just reached a point where someone gave an example and someone else gave their understanding as to what would be happening from their understanding of 'internal strength'. That's fair enough isn't it?
Then that brings up, as Katherine points out the difficulty of conveying what you know in a way that the other person will understand, or even others following the thread will understand.
It's hard to convey an understanding just with writing, it's quite a skill in it's own right, and add to that when you are teaching someone who doesn't understand but wants to, if you know them and their interests and way that they think then you can convey it from 'their point of view' so to speak. For example: if your student is an artist you could relate extending ki and leading the partner to two people sharing the same paint brush and painting a circle or some such visualization.
The main point basically I'm making is to understand it's not an easy thing to do on this media which doesn't mean don't try it just means understand the difficulty.