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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Hi Graham,

I know what you mean regarding words being misunderstood. Regarding disrespectful to Ikeda, I can see either side and if I got wind that he didn't want videos of himself dissected, I'd definitely take it further under consideration.

That being said - he's one of the guys I'd be out there busting my butt to emulate, if I was still doing aikido. My understanding is that he's essentially the inheritor of the ASU, but has no issues throwing on a white belt and going to learn from a teacher of a different style. He's one of the premier aikido practitioners in the US, but still keeps a student's mind? That's the kind of guy I'd wanna be modeling myself after.

So definitely no disrespect intended here when I analyze what he's doing and trying to show. It's honestly my hope that more and more people are doing that and busting their butts to figure it out - whether they talk about it here, in private, or wherever.