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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Budd, appreciate the reply, now I understand where you're coming from.
The comments on usage of words still holds though as it's not an attack on your charachter or personality. I too understand where the concept of stealing comes from but feel it has been largely misunderstood and can be easily misunderstood and so it's best not to use it in my opinion.
In fact it could be explained better to others to stop them seeing it as stealing and why that strange idea come to exist in the first place.
As far as doing what you do and why you do it then I can only admire it for if they are the reasons then they are very admirable.
Discussing points to do with 'internal strength' would also be very interesting under it's own heading but for me not under this heading as I find it disrespectful to Ikeda Sensei and to good manners.
If he himself had posted it then that would be a different story for he knows what he is doing and thus could take questions about it.
So when you mention gossip then I think using another as a reason to discuss falls more into that category than using yourself under your own heading to do with your own views on the subject.
That said I know the term 'internal strength' is used by the many to represent an added untapped reservoir of ability but although I 100% agree with that fact I would never myself call it internal strength.
Anyway, thanks for your time and thoughts and I hope you are successful in your ventures.