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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Excellent - look forward to having the discussion. Most of the grappling I'm doing now is the no-gi submission stuff, but wrestling still seems to rule the day as the takedown from standing/clinch work.

Regarding body conditioning - a year and a half ago, I started to finally "get" where I was being uber tight and directing power locally from the shoulders. Been working on isolating and correcting that ever since - with steps forward and back, making incremental progress and having exceedingly cranky moments about the whole business. So I understand the pain around connection/discovery/rework/oh-crap-not-again . .


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I will PM you regarding my work with the wrestler's. They are eating it up and have been able to rapidly employ the small tidbits that I am feeding them. My apologies for the misdirection to the Ushiro Sensei topic.

It is interesting in that people who are getting some sense of what is going on are describing some similar experiences with the hands-on with Ikeda Sensei. I think that they are providing us with feedback as to where they are and what they are able to get from how Ikeda Sensei is moving.

The conditioning stuff is interesting in that the more I do some of the stuff that I do, the more aware I become of some body corrections that I was not aware that I was messing up so bad! That whole self-discovery stuff again. I love the wormhole nature of this work.

Time to teach the adult class!


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