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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Hey Marc,

Promise I wasn't even thinking about Ushiro when I wrote that - I was referring to my own asking about what we see Ikeda doing in the vids (yanno, the topic of this thread!) and subsequent thread drift (see Graham's post, where he feels the need to talk about me rather than the topic).

I am really wishing I could make it to your neck for Ushiro's visit. Heck, you have me curious what you're working on with the wrestlers - I have some of my own ideas for that game as well. But that said - I think if people can offer opinions here - regardless of whether or not we like the content, we can stick to commenting about the topic and keep it on track, each and every one of us.

Because I think it's very important for people to get - admit - comment on as they can - what is happening with those basic demos of Ki. It's entry level stuff - and that is NOT a dig, I think it's intentional because the skill component to pull it off can be shown fairly easily - as well as the conditioning steps. From there, six months of work or so and you should be on your way - most likely not nearly as polished, because performing the exact drills is also a practiced skill. But you'll be able to more easily spot more and more the "how it works" pieces, methinks. And you need to have done that basic work and be able to exhibit that basic conditioning before you can do the more advanced stuffs (similar to Tohei's Ki tests in that regard).

And I'm still not talking about Ushiro or what other people say about him!!

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

I know that you are talking about some people's perceptions of Ushiro Sensei. I have always encouraged everybody I know to get some hands-on with him. I would love it if some people could explain some of the things that he can do. I simply object to behind-the-back, negative comments spoken from a place of no experience. If people want to come out and say that from what they think that they see......, fine, no problems, but then that person should follow it up with some hands-on to confirm one's opinion. That to me, is the basis of integrity. If you put it out there, do so for all to see and then back it up with experience. You and I are ex-wrestlers. We both know that at the end of the day, the person's hand that is raised is from what really happened and not from conjecture.


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