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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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Mark, in my own life I accept that I cannot control how others think of me and at a certain point simply refuse to engage in fruitless back and forth. At a certain point (and I'm talking about personal stuff, not issues of civil rights or human rights) It matters not who is "good" or "being demeaned" or right or wrong - it just takes one of the parties to politely bow and refuse to engage in what is essentially meaningless repetitions of the same two statements back and forth.
My two cents FWIW.

Thank you for your reply. It would appear that we come from different worlds. You're probably from Earth while I think I'm an alien from beyond the galaxy.

Seriously, though, I can be a bit altruistic. I typically stand up for what's right and good, no matter if it's insignificant or overtly large. While in the Air Force (as a lowly airman no less), I made a Captain so made that he turned several shades of red and wouldn't talk to me. He asked me for my opinion and I gave it to him. He didn't like it.

There's a difference between someone's actions being out of sorts or in the grey area a couple of times and when someone's actions are always out of sorts from healthy interactions. We all tend to have patience with the former. But, I find most people like to ignore the latter. It's easier on them, especially online, especially when it's the "small stuff", and especially when the brunt of those unhealthy interactions are not directed at them.

That's where we differ, it seems. It does matter to me. The good. The right. It does matter that there is demeaning behavior. And I think it matters for both sides otherwise how would *I* know to change if no one addressed my demeaning behavior but let it go unchecked because people just bowed out? How would *I* become a better person? Not to mention the other side of the coin for the people who are being demeaned and looking out at the online audience and hearing crickets. What hope do they have for their view of fellow mankind/womankind from the deafening silence?

But I'm altruistic. We're from different worlds. Doesn't mean we're bad people, just different. And that's what makes this world so interesting to live in, no?