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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Random comments and thoughts……in no particular order……

Most of us don't live in environments where self-defense is always a concern…..though there are many locations in big cities or in unstable places in the world where this is true….

Self-defense situations these days for most of us, especially those of us posting here, seem to happen more out of no where without a lot of build up proceeding the attack…..ambushes in bars, robbery, break-ins, and drive bys….

Self-defense today seems to be more about guns and small bladed weapons….

Close quarters combat seems more about staying on your feet and surviving the initial attack…that could be covering up to protect or initially tying the attacker up before responding or just getting out of the way....

None of us carry swords or long bladed weapons in our daily lives, though some may carry guns and small bladed weapons.…

When I started Aikido in 1974 I heard the term non-violent self-defense use…I always found this interesting….

I may have had self-defense in mind when I started Aikido, but I lost that idea in the fun I was having with the movement and interaction with the people I trained with….

The idea of augmenting my Aikido with cross training sent me out for small trips to a bunch of different martial arts and a whole lot of other teachers…

I still consider Aikido my base movement skill set….

I don't think anything is missing from anyone's skill set or training….there is just MORE that can be learned and incorporated in the skills….

Everyone is at exactly the right spot for were they are at NOW….No need to defend or put down anyone for this….

Your map for travel (Training) is your map, you take the base Google map and work it as you need...PLEASE remember just because you have not found a place on that map it doesn't exist….Choices…choices…..

PLEASE consider that if someone hasn't found some places only tell them once or twice……repeated telling just has them quit listening…..

AND for those of you who have not grabbed Dan Harden, Minoru Akuzawa, Mike Sigman, Kenji Ushiro, or some others who have some insight into the more….take a chance….

Keep in mind there is more to all of this than even Dan, Ark, Mike, Kenji know or have touched on…….

To answer Diana question about Koichi Tohei Sensei teaching in the early days…..I lived that and he had stuff none of us had. He gave us some simple tests to do to support the idea of relax, weight underside, extending and keeping one point…..these were essentially viewed as warm-ups by most and the progressive pressure needed to get really good at it was not there. How to integrate all of this into your movement was not explained or set in exercise to help beyond the voicing the four principles. How do you carry the ability to hold a very light push to maintaining frame and structure when hit while moving?
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