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Diana Frese
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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

I guess my question isn't too far off the OP. Why do some people believe both are not present in many dojo and recent lineages in Aikido (post 1969) I keep mentioning NYAikikai in a few posts, but noone has commented. Maybe it's because I beat around the bush too much and people lose interest before I get to the point, but hey I've only been on Aiki Web a couple of months and posting too takes practice.

Since Mary Eastland started this thread maybe its appropriate to acknowledge her lineage by saying Tohei Sensei visited New York Aikikai in 1967 and stayed and taught for about four months. Aikido in Daily Life was published around that time, and I believe was later re named Ki in Daily Life. I for one am interested in the history and fascinated that Mary's husband studied long time with Maruyama Sensei who taught at the summer camps prior to 1973.
Students of Chen Man Ching also attended New York Aikikai in the late sixties, one of them, Lou Kleinsmith, taught both places as assistant instructor. By the way, he came from judo, and I think I saw his picture in one of the judo books....

Maybe I want to know all of your impressions in their diversity and (gasp) controversy because I want to know how Aikido looks these days. From what I've seen stopping by to watch a class or seminar at the local dojo, sandwiched in among daily life and work stuff, it looks real good to me. Just a guess though, on the general controversy about fake ukemi, maybe some of it just looks that way because some styles derive more from sword and if they've got your center you don't want to hold out too long.... but that's another post or even thread. Has anyone contrasted the styles heavily descended from Yamaguchi Sensei's kohais and students and what I call the more circular styles? Or is this just two ways I noticed when I tried to pass on what I learned to students at our local Y's.

I guess I have two points to make. Are the difference between some of the deshi of O Sensei in terms of IP and kokyu ryoku or in center line emphasis contrasted with the power of circular motion, or do all of them actually teach both types of motion? I for one would like to see some opinions and descriptions and example if you can do it verbally, as I mentioned before we are still stuck on what seems to be an outmoded form, dial up on our computer.
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