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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I think I am seeing the undercurrent of my earlier post. I believe those who advocate internal strength training (and advocate IS is not typically found in aikido) are presenting a dangerous issue to those in aikido who has previously been training under our "modern" aikido system.

We are talking about an aikido culture that has culled much of the martial aspect from its curriculum since the 40s first under a presumption that students held a basic martial skill before entering aikido and later because of martial incompentency within aikido.

Now we are learning that there is training which strengthens our aikido skills. I beleive and expect resistence from those aikido people who have trained under the non-martial aikido, or who do not have the motivation to refine the aikido they learned using these new concepts. If you are doing non-martial aikido dance arguably you do not need IS, nor weapons, nor striking. However, internal strength training is another wedge in the fissure between aiki-dance and aikido. As more practioners begin to include internal strengthening exercises in their aikido it will become much more clear who "has it" and who does not.

In example, I believe you can already see skill separartion from those instructors who still heavily engage weapons training in their aikido and those who do not. Same with those who still employ striking in their aikido.

I stopped losing sleep over those who choose not to include these components in their aikido. Whether they want aikido or aiki-dance is their choice, not mine and I will be no worse off from their decision. What rubs these people is that if these components do improve aikido, they will be left behind. Better keep everyone back than let few come forward...
Not sure I agree John (but maybe I am misunderstanding you?) - I see more opposition in this field from people who believe their aikido to be sufficiently martial already (and it may be, I really don't care). Some have invested a lot in the role of the tough guy amongst the bunnies, and hate hearing even the indirect suggestion they may be off-track.

For the more harmony-oriented, they are, in my view, often as happy with their practice as you describe for yours. They lose no sleep over whether anybody else wants to "fight" or be martial. Why should they, it does not interest them.

But again, I may have missed your point.
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