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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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BTW, speaking of "pushing us forward", why don't you and some of the other recently-traineded experts join in these conversations of analyzing and explaining how things work?
If someone knew something it was obvious and welcomely discussed. The BS-artists were flushed out pretty rapidly and one of the sure signs a conversation was being pushed to the BS levels was when things turned to a discussion of personalities.
Why are you insutling Marc....again?
You bring people into every discussion and passive agressively go after them.
The poor chaps who are just starting out and then comment? You immediately jump on them as "recently trained experts" Or "BS artists"
Can you point me to where you have used that insult for your own people? No?
This is used as an insult ONLY to those who train with others in an attempt to control the conversation..
Every single person you have done it to has corrected you for the insults but you continue unphased.

Is anyone else getting this yet? Jun?
Stop it Mike...just stop it. No one deserves this level of disrespect from you.

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