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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

David Orange wrote: View Post
Erick, the key word is "true intellectual engagement". And that, unfortunately, is what you're missing.

When the "intellectual engagement" is true, there is no discrepancy and everything flows well. But when the "intellectual engagement" is false or simply ignorant, it will stop cold when it encounters the physical truth.

And in your case, since you are clearly afraid to meet Dan, Mike, Ark or Rob, it's clear that you're just amusing yourself by generating meaningless froth.
See, David, the answer to an offer for honest intellectual engagement is NOT to question the other person's motives or sincerity.

Need I add more ? My ideas about such things are right or wrong, effective or ineffective, independent of anyone's opinions about "manly courage" in their source or development. I have not been to ANY seminar training outside my local area in the last ten years. My observations don't depend on what others tell me or don't -- and precisely becauseI have been working largely alone on the nature of body and its workings on these points. Why is solo work the sine qua non in the physical sense in your school of thought but utterly disallowed in the intellectual sense?

If you think that restrictions on my time and travel have anything to do with your suppositions -- you need to become a tad more charitable in your outlook toward other people. If you do, your overall outlook and obvious frustrations might improve immensely.

Circumstances that you simply do not know -- at all, and which are frankly, none of your business -- at all -- much less to idly guess at them in such low, and crude terms, are not the basis to rebut anything, certainly not in an intellectual sense, -- nor for me to accept the invitation to continue in such a mode -- so I will leave it at that .

All the best, all the same.


Erick Mead
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