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Diana Frese
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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Perhaps I can get away with re-entering this controvery, because in scrolling down and up I saw the quote from Lao Tzu and wonder if the blade is handy should I pick it up.

If I don't present myself as an expert, maybe people will see my points of view, just as someone who observed a few things years ago.....

The Great Panda is surprised at herself for such a martial metaphor. Nowadays she reads of avatars and realizes she has had one for years, She who in a controversy manages to get a symbolic black eye from both.

I'm not backing down from saying I saw things worth studying in that dial up viewing of Tony's video, and what I saw did show among the solid technique of which he writes, what I think IP etc. may be.

Overdramatizing myself, I invoke the name of the great Terry Dobson a few of whose classes and seminars I attended way back when in the mists of time. Now reentering the stream of Aikido via Aiki Web where I intended to find out what people were doing these days as a modern Rip Van Winkle delighted to learn of new people, and old timers I had and old timers I hadn't known years ago......

And find a raging torrent of controversy. Shall I step back, and wait for it to subside, or shall I step forward into the fray with my examples from the mists of time fluttering from my jo and bokken?
Where is Valerie from Fighting Woman News? How can I learn to write well enough to present my points?

The answer seems to come from the air around me. Why not make some points, then.

Seriously, all I can offer is this. Terry Dobson was trying to get one of my students to make a concerted attack. Hit me, he ordered. So Robert, the wiry soccer player type, hauled off and slugged him in the stomach. "Are you trying to kill me?" Terry complained.

No disrespect to Terry, I admire him a lot, so maybe the point is the generosity of the teacher. Like the famousTerry, one time uchideshi one may say, of O Sensei, Tony may have been focusing on drawing the students out, not on protecting himself. After all, my husband pointed out, it wasn't a demo, it was a class, kind of like being on Candid Camera, because the students just filmed it themselves.

The Dobson story is only a start. Tune in later if any of you are not totally bored with my posts. Next time, what about IP and kokyu ryoku in the early days of NYAikikai. There seemed to be a lot of both there, to my mind. And that was, and I'm sure still is, a major solid dojo.

Please, nobody get offended at anything I write. I really would like to participate in Aiki Web to the best of my ability, and will make an effort to understand any posts that are over my head. O Negai Shimasu. Arigato Gozaimasu.
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