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how quickly we forget that o sensei was often in battle and i'm sure killed many opponents when faced with the situation described above...This is why i left aikido: People not only take the non-confrontational approach in the martial aspect, but become spineless and weak in all confrontations...The response "I would not be in that situaiton, i don't drink, etc." are the exact thing i am talking about.' Sometimes people just want to hurt you. There is no escape!

While i was taking aikido my sensei said something i still take to heart:

Nice people are neither....

in the example offered, even O sensei would kill his opponent...Killing one's opponent does not mean that you have to jump for joy or be pleased with what has transpired. One could try to help him medically after (supposing he was on the brink of death). The question is whether one would respond with full force in a kill or be killed situation...

my have to go home safe

melior est canis vivus leone mortuo
Bog svsami!!!
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