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Re: Thougths of Tony the cumudgeon?

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Now let me see .... 135 Euros per day per student for 6 hours of how to be strong in martial arts.
Works out at ...... wait for it....... cogs a wirring.... yep, about 14 an hour, that's not bad money Henry!!...
Duduct bank transfer fees from euros to Dollars
Deduct flights
Deduct food
Deduct hotel
Deduct hall rental fees
Deduct hours and hours at the computer processing applications and emailing
Deduct whole days of travel time
Then deduct pain in the ass time of traveling anymore fees.
You will quickly change your mind about just how wonderful this all is.

How many students would we need to make it worthwile?
Fancy opening a ki shop?......
The real question is why would people come see you?
Why do people come to these events Tony
Word- Of - Mouth and repeat attendees. If you really have anything worth learning, martial artists know and hear about it from other martial artists. People consider this different and vital. Men who have it are sought after.
Do you think you could fill a room?....wait.....More than once?.

You on the other hand present an illogical argument

On the one hand you say this stuff is rubbish...thus defaming a range of Martial Art teachers who have judged it as valuable...even vital..

Then on the other hand, you say you have it and anyone can get it from practice
THAT argument once again defames all of the many martial artists who consider it different and vital to their practice as you once again default told them they were wankers (you just argued THEY didn't get it in their practice)

So you've pretty much just told everyone here and in the other thread (people that cross train MT, MMA, BJJ, FMA and Koryu) that they're idiots, and would not know real martial arts if they fell on them.
Since you are so concerned for me and others that you have to interject, Tony. How would you go about presenting THAT argument in a seminar?

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