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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
This is a long thread and I'm sorry I missed David's answer to my
post when I later jumped back in and posted on another page. Yes I will be viewing the video again when we have an afternoon to deal with dial up but whatever we may find, we still have much to learn from it.

my husband and I just got into a discussion of knife attacks and he said in those circumstances it's not going to be easy, and as a matter of fact in a book by Shigeru Egami of Shotokan he said the advice was that in such cases you have to do whatever it takes to save your life even if it means grabbing the knife.

But returning to the video, yes I did note much that did indeed look like what we seem to be aiming for, and furthermore it was filmed in a teaching situation. My husband says the student did very well in general.

I was a bit hard on Tony because he was such a donkey about the serious matters we were discussing, then went on about how only tough technical aikido training mattered. And then I saw his video.

So I was just equally critical.

Still, there were many points where serious errors were presented. If the yodan teacher can't avoid being kicked in the stomach by an ikkyu student, where he leaves himself open by fundamental mishandling of an attack it doesn't look like such reasonable aikido teaching. The student did well enough for a student. They all had good spirit, it seemed, but I saw nothing to justify old Tony's evil eyes in his profile. I'm sure you can easily find better clips to study.

I'm sure old Ton' is a good enough chap, but he came in like a prig and got worse and worse, so...On mats I've been on, someone who goes all tough and savage generally gets the same kind of thing back. And when you have literally no ground to stand on...."It's only a flesh wound!!!"

No biggie.

Best to you.


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